By Mark and Rowan Sommerset

A few months ago I read a fantastic blog post by Diane Tulloch “Patient Dreamer” where she interviewed author Mark Sommerset. It is a very insightful post and I highly recommend reading it. It was ‘meeting’ Mark through this excellent interview that I began my interest and admiration for Mark’s authoring journey.  Mark (author) and wife Rowan (illustrator) make the perfect team at Dreamboat Books.

With a list of highly successful published children’s books, Mark and Rowan have embarked on their journey of following their dream, (hence “Dreamboat Books”) creating a beautiful range of children’s books.

I follow both Mark and Rowan on Facebook, and when it was announced that their new book “I Love Lemonade” was available for purchase, I immediately jumped into the Dreamboat Books website and ordered my very own copy.

The parcel arrived quickly, but it was late at night when I was finally able to open it to see “I Love Lemonade” beautifully presented. I read the book and wiping tears from my eyes, I handed it to my hubby…..his laughter lasted for ten minutes. He would recover and then start laughing all over again. It really tickled his funny bone. We hadn’t even shown the kids, and he proudly labelled it “My favourite book” (*Ahem*…..second to my books of course!)

“I love Lemonade” is a very clever, mischievous  book about Baa Baa Smart Sheep, Quirky Turkey and a sneaky trick that backfires….My boys giggled too, when we (finally) read the book together, all the boys deciding “this is something Dad would do…”

Hmmm…..I wonder if they mean their dad is smarty sheep or quirky turkey?

I highly recommend this giggle-some book, it is a perfect Christmas gift for either adult or child!

Now, I am off to order “Baa Baa Smart Sheep”…….for my hubby of course!

**Books are available:

Dreamboat Books Online Shop

In Australia:
As of 1st November the books are available in ALL good bookshops – published by Harpercollins Australia (Yay!)

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