Yes! Nicky visits schools

Nicky absolutely loves visiting schools.

It is her favorite thing to do. It’s the ultimate highlight of being an author and illustrator.

Her presentation and delivery style is flexible, adaptable and able to suit any desired topic, location and audience. Her teaching skills enable her to read a group of children and engage them immediately, meeting the inclusive needs of all students.

She loves running art workshops with children, giving them the opportunity to stretch their self doubt when it comes to creativity and extend those children who love to draw. With a number of up-coming new books being released this year, she has a lot to share!

Book Week is a very busy month for Nicky so make sure you book as early as possible.


 School and Library Visits

  • Author and Illustrator School Visits – Grade Prep to Grade 6
    – Class size art workshops, hands on creative work, hints and tips when illustrating
    – Drawing and Painting workshop
    – Large group presentations, process of publishing a book, writing and illustrating
  • Pre-School and Kindergarten Visits
    – Engaging activities, reading and craft
    – Parents welcome to join in
  • Bookshop Signings
    – Special guest/visitor for celebrations
  • Library Guest Appearance
    – illustrator workshops, book readings, activities.
    – Pre-School Age
    – Primary School Age

Rates and charges are industry standard

School Visits (Virtual & In Person) – 
3 sessions – $680
2 sessions – $470
1 session – $360
(3 – 4 sessions max in one day. Travel and expenses may be additional)

Individual class size illustration workshops, or large group sessions (Max 100 chn) available

Nicky has downloadable up to date WWC and Public Liability insurance documents available upon request.

She has Covid safe practices in place and is fully vaccinated as required for visiting schools.

She wears her current WWC card on a lanyard during all school visits.




Contact Nicky Johnston directly: 

“This is the third time I have seen you present to our children Nicky, and all have been fabulous. Your passion for art and stories is contagious and the students come away inspired to create their own drawings. Looking forward to seeing your new book!”
~ Strathaird Primary School


“Nicky your enthusiasm for what you do was infectious and you have inspired the students to the point that they nearly all would like to be illustrators! Your drawing tips were great and the students genuinely felt proud of the work they did with you. It was terrific how you showed and explained the process and explained your illustrations.”
~ Maramba Primary School

“I thought your presentation was awesome! You were able to engage the students and the students loved your drawings. I loved the way you shared your personal experiences and showed your drawings. I highly recommend your workshop. I love your books and illustrations and the children loved them too. Thank you so much!”
~ Yuille Park Community College

“Just letting you know that our Books In Homes presentation today was AMAZING! The students (and teachers) loved the talk from Nicky Johnston – as well as her illustrations. She told our students about how much she loved the editing process when writing and drawing, which made the children stop and think that not only do you edit the written word, but as an artist you also have to edit and change your drawings to make them the perfect final copy. We feel so lucky to have such a great role model visit our school.”
~ Westpark Primary School
(Books in Homes Role Model Participating School)

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