“Warm, gentle illustrations with tender sentiment.”

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Nicky is a mum to four boys, an artist, educator, children’s book author and illustrator.



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Dear Nicky, Thank you for the story books. It helped me get rid of my worries.

— Julia (7 yrs)

Nicky created the most amazing illustration that takes front and centre of the front cover design of my book. Nicky has been amazingly professional and wonderfully easy to work with. I would not hesitate in recommending here illustration services or working with again on any future projects. Thank you Nicky.

— Llew Dowley – Author of Crazy Mummy Syndrome

My Mr 6 chose Go Away, Mr Worrythoughts for his bedtime story tonight. He said to me ‘that is how I feel sometimes and it makes me feel better’. Thank you Nicky for these wonderful books.

— Lisa

It is so good to have tools to help my son deal with worries.

— Kirrilee

Thank you Nicky, we received Actually, I Can and my Mr 8 was captivated by the words and illustrations. It has become a new bedtime favourite.

— Lisa

My daughter loves her books. Easy to read and the message really gets through. I highly recommend for any child showing signs of anxiety.

— Sandy Hutchinson

My daughter and I both love your books. They are an invaluable addition to our ever growing home library.

— Sally Mc Roberts

Having spent the first five years of my son’s life battling the worry demons, it has been amazing to discover the superpowers of Bayden. My son loves the books and as his mum, I feel I finally have a way to help him.

— Laura Coleman

I love the way Nicky’s books make the concept of Narrative Therapy and ‘externalising the problem’ into a usable format for children and their parent(s).

— Charmaine Holmes – Social worker/Family Therapist Peninsula Life Therapies Mornington

Josh LOVES the two books Nicky. This seems to be having a positive influence and possibly the thing I’ve been looking for! Thank you so much.

— Kat

I just wanted to write and tell you I gave your books to my 10 yr old son last night and he really enjoyed them and loved the idea of the tips at the end.

— Jasmine


Nicky Johnston is a champion for children

Through her work as an educator and author of picture books aimed at building positive mental health in children, Nicky has touched the lives of thousands. From children paralysed with anxiety, to parents and teachers seeking practical, impactful ways to support them. Nicky’s simple yet powerful stories shine a light through the darkness.

Tim Costello

Chief Executive, World Vision Australia

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