Art Space Showcase‘ is where I love to share fellow artists and their work spaces.

Meet 52-week Illustration Challenge member Vanessa Pritchard and her ‘art space’……

Vanessa Pritchard

1. Describe your art space…

My Art room was previously a spare room, we created for two of seven family members who visited from the UK five years ago. My Mummy and one identical Triplet sister Emma shared this room for a month. Five years on I have lost both of these beautiful women to MND (Motor Neuron Disease). It’s been so apt this room has now been revamped to be my studio, as the reason I started painting again, after many years, was after Emma’s death,a coping mechanism.

Also my Mum loved me to sit and do art with her as I nursed her for eight months in the UK. I lost her a few months ago and for my return, my lovely hubby started to makeover this room for me. I plastered, painted my room on my return. I even have a little toilet I tiled too!

I love my room to be tidy,everything in its place. I have a sofa(bed) in here ,so quite often I have visitors….kids,hubby,but mostly my constant companions Mr. Frodo Baggins and Akira my Pomeranians. There is rather a large television in my room! I love to listen and sort of watch films while I work. My Art wall is staged on shelves so I can move my canvas’s around. There are little alcoves for my wooden dogs I make too.



2. When do you like to create? Do you have a favourite day of week or time of day?

After selling my dog grooming business at the beginning of the year I now gave the freedom to ‘Art’ anytime.


3. What mediums do you like to use?

Most of my work is on canvas. I use acrylic paint,spray paints,pens and pencils. Occasionally I use gold and silver leaf.


4. List five favourite art tools that you couldn’t live without…

I now look back at my painting on the lounge floor moments,a coffee table as a desk. I now couldn’t be without my space age desk. I also love my canvas’s to work off,my spray paints to layer and provide subtly. Acrylics are not my fav,but work so well to work over. Watercolor pencils I love for the opposite reason,I can move them over the permanent layers and shade.



Vanessa’s artwork:


Vanessa’s previous studio (working on the floor):

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Thank you Vanessa for sharing your art space…..what a beautiful space you now have to create your magical artworks in – such beautiful sentiment there too.

Staying creative,
Nicky x

PS. If you are interested in sharing your art space…..please contact me nicky(at)nickyjohnston(dot)com(dot)au

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