Art Space Showcase‘ is where I love to share fellow artists and their work spaces.

Meet 52-week Illustration Challenge member Amanda Hunt and her ‘art space’……


1. Describe your art space…

My studio space is a bedroom of the house which has only ever been used as my studio since we moved here. It’s small but bigger than my previous studio so I’m quite happy with it. I have two creative areas in the room, my easel (s) and my large very old drawing board. I have a decent window although the view is of the church car park next door and the school next to that. I have enough light from that window in the daytime though. Our house is a church manse which was built in 1928 so it has high decorative ceilings which I love, they allow for great ventilation and light too.



2. When do you like to create? Do you have a favourite day of week or time of day?

Most of my painting and drawing happens during the weekdays. I try to paint every day or at least do something creative. Skipping creative time in my day is like skipping a meal. For the most part I paint when my girls are at school but I like to be creative around them too. The main reasons for painting during school hours are the obvious one first, lack of interruption but the less obvious is that I like to watch a TV series while I paint. This gets me focused and somehow it gets my brain tuned in to ‘this is painting time’. The shows are not awful but they are not kids’ shows so I don’t like to play/watch them with the kids around.



3. Describe your art work. What are you working on at the moment?

On the easel right now is the piece I have entered into this week’s 52 week illustration project with the theme ‘peace’. It’s a small oil painting which is mostly finished. Even though I have already entered it into the challenge I am sure that there will be more to tweak! On my drawing boards I have been playing with charcoal lately so there is some of that work there.


4. What mediums do you like to use?

First and foremost I love oil paints but on a regular basis I also use watercolour, watercolour pencils, charcoal, pen and ink, coloured pencils and just recently, copic markers. I have done a lot with acrylic and pastels too.





5. List five favourite art tools that you couldn’t live without…

  1. Oil paints
  2. Liquin (oil medium for a faster drying time)
  3. Charcoal
  4. Artline 0.2 fine liner pen
  5. Moleskine sketchbooks (is that a tool? I still love them!)



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Amanda, thank you so much for sharing your art space with us. I love your studio and I can smell those glorious oil paints through the internet!

Staying creative,
Nicky x

PS. If you are interested in sharing your art space…..please contact me nicky(at)nickyjohnston(dot)com(dot)au

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