Theatrical Production

Theatrical Production

“Go Away, Mr Worrythoughts!”Mr Worrythoughts Books





Australia and New Zealand

Mental Health Service
Achievement Award 2013

“Silver Award in recognition of notable achievement towards excellence, innovation and best practice in the Mental Health Promotion/Mental Illness Prevention Program or Project category”


An exciting theatrical adventure in developing emotional resilience for primary school children, adapted from Nicky Johnston’s acclaimed book,”Go Away, Mr Worrythoughts!”

‘Go Away, Mr Worrythoughts’ Theatrical Production

Duration:       40 mins & 10 mins Q&A


Childrens books production

Communication and thinking processes

Health and Physical Education

Interpersonal Development

The Arts


Per Student (Suits Prep – Gr 6): $6.60

Minimum Fee: $990

Maximum 200 Students/performance

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To Book incursion to come to your school:

Ph:  03 9784 1051


WEBSITE for more information

Book an Author/Illustrator visit by contacting Nicky: nicky(at)

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This was great. It will give us some strategies and topics to discuss with the Preps all the way to Grade 6’s” 

~ Adrian Chapman, Teacher

“The Go Away, Mr Worrythoughts book is the most powerful tool I use with the kids to ecplore their worries. Now with the play, the kids can use the live image of Mr Worrythoughts to develop their own image of their worry thoughts. They can externalise their worries and focus on helping their character as an extension of themselves….You have done an amazing job with the play. You have fun and let the kids know it’s ok to worry, and that you just need some ideas on how to tackle them. The actors are fantastic and lead such great discussion after the play.”

~ Sue Welsh, Health and Wellbeing Coordinator

“I hope this show is travelling around the country. This has to be seen by all students. I heard Nicky on 3AW, it was during the holidays. I rang a parent of a child I had at school. I said, ‘Look, there’s a new book coming out, it will be perfect for your child.’ She bought the book and got a little package of stickers and a worry box and that sort of thing. We also got copies for our library. So for it to go interstate is a must, I mean, what you did is fantastic! The children loved it. The children did not miss a beat, they just focussed on the performance. I just has to go on the road, it is excellent.”

~ Stuart Kearney, Deputy Principal

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