The Mosaic

The Mosaic - nicky-johnston-deborah-kelly

Published: October 2024
Author: Deborah Kelly
Illustrator: Nicky Johnston
Publisher: EK Books
RRP: $24.99
ISBN: 9781922539731
Format: Hardcover 32 pg
Age: 4-8yrs and lovers of picture books

Frankie discovers that beautiful things can be made from broken pieces, in this sensitive and hopeful story about family separation.

One day, Mum’s vase breaks, and everything changes. All of a sudden, Frankie’s Dad doesn’t live at home anymore, and Nana has come to stay for a while. Frankie’s life has broken apart just like the vase, and she feels upset and lost. Then Nana has an idea…

Full of expressive, colourful illustrations, The Mosaic is an optimistic story about parental separation and the healing power of art. Little readers will delight in following Nana and Frankie as they go on an adventure and find an unexpected source of hope and inspiration. They will see that while some changes can feel sad and overwhelming at first, they can also lead to happiness if we know where to look.

Children all over the world are impacted by parental divorce and separation. The Mosaic offers a fresh perspective, focussing on the good that can come from change and giving children comfort in a time of grief and uncertainty. Inspired by the author’s conversations with her own children, it is a uniquely personal story that will help any children going through difficult changes to find hope, resilience and joy.

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