The Worst Pain in the World

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A unique story about a child with juvenile arthritis.

Although used to dealing with pain from arthritis on a daily basis, when Bella’s joints flare on her birthday, it is almost too much for her to handle.

See how Bella’s friends make her party extra special.

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The Worst Pain in the World

New children’s book by author/illustrator Nicky Johnston – published by Arthritis Victoria

Suitable 4-10yrs, 32 page Soft Cover

This story is about a young child with juvenile arthritis. While everyone experiences some sort of pain, children with juvenile arthritis deal with chronic pain largely invisible to others. This pain can affect a child both physically and emotionally.

Included in this book are some helpful hints and tips for dealing with pain and facts about juvenile arthritis.


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1 review for The Worst Pain in the World

  1. Carla Watts

    What a fantastic helpful tool for kids dealing with pain, well written and beautifully illustrated. My twin 5 year olds have Multiple Hereditary Exostoses, a rare bone disease and even though they have not had any real bad pain yet I suspect they will in the future. They will most likely need surgery to remove bumps on their bones as well. I am so grateful to have something that I can read with them to help them understand and deal with the pain when the time comes. Carla.

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