Where do I start?
For this book (At the end of Holyrood Lane) I began with sticky notes to create my initial thumbnails. Due to my full life, I set up a folder that I would take with me everywhere so I could use all my available time to jot down my ideas.

From these little ideas I was able to draw more detail. Unlike many other illustrators I don’t seem to be able to sketch small, so I tend to work on A4 size paper…

After discussion with the publishing team I was able to make changes, develop the illustrations further until we were all really happy with them.

For this book, I used watercolour, pencils as well as pastels, so I built a colour palette that would show the style of colours/textures I would use throughout the entire book.

I created a template of colours for the characters that I use as a reference throughout the entire illustrating process.

The front cover… 

Some of the spreads…

The book trailer – 


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