Happythoughts are Everywhere


Happythoughts are Everywhere

Published: 2009
Author: Nicky Johnston
Illustrator: Nicky Johnston
Publisher: Happy Hero
RRP: $16.95
Format: Soft Cover32 pg
Age: 4+

Currently Out of Print

Happythoughts are Everywhere

These days, Bayden is a happy and confident boy. There was a time, not long ago, when Bayden worried about everything, ALL of the time. That was, until he discovered the power of Happythoughts!

Join Bayden’s journey as he goes in search of his happythoughts – you’ll never guess where he finds them.

Happythoughts are Everywhere… is a picture book that encourages children to discover that they change their feelings by changing their thoughts. The book is a follow-up to author Nicky Johnston’s first picture book, Go Away, Mr Worrythoughts! Both books acknowledge the physical and emotional drain that anxiety causes. They don’t dismiss these anxious thoughts as insignificant, but rather prompt children to overcome anxiety by actively focusing their thoughts on the things that make them happy.

Happythoughts are Everywhere by Nicky Johnston
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