Welcome to the world COCO Big City Kitty! Coco lived on the top floor of the tallest building on Meowington Avenue. Her days were filled with action, excitement, noise and activity. And nothing made Coco happier than being a Big City Kitty. To celebrate the release of this beautiful book written by Laura Bunting and published by Scholastic, I have created some fun and totally cute printables for everyone to enjoy playing with Coco. COCO PAPER DOLL: Simply print onto some plain card, cut out the pieces and put Coco Paper Doll together. DOWNLOAD: Coco Paper Doll printable COCO LITTLE BOX: Print the following two pages on to card. Cut around the box pieces and fold along the lines. Use glue to stick the flaps together to create the box. Cut out all of Coco’s favourite accessories and store them in the Little Box. Coco Little Box printable and Coco Little Box Acessories printable Coco Big City Kitty is the first book in a book series. The second book in the series Coco and the Butterfly will be released November 2020. (and a third book is on its way too!). We hope you enjoy the journey Coco goes on meeting new and unlikely friends learning life lessons along the way. Saying creative, Nicky x

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