Arthritis is not a condition you would generally consider to be linked with young children. However, when Arthritis Victoria asked me to write and illustrate a book for children suffering juvenile arthritis, I knew I had a lot to learn about this condition.With a lot of research and by talking with a multitude of families with children suffering JIA, I soon learned the complexity of this condition.

I initially had two very different story ideas for this project, but when I met with children, siblings and their parents at the annual ‘Limber Up Camp’ (organised by Arthritis Victoria) it became very obvious which story was most relevant and the one that HAD to be told.

The Worst Pain in the world.

Although used to dealing with pain from arthritis on a daily basis, when Bella’s joints flare on her birthday, it is almost too much for her to handle.
See how Bella’s friends make her party extra special.


This story is about a young child with juvenile arthritis. While everyone experiences some sort of pain, children with juvenile arthritis deal with chronic pain largely invisible to others. This pain can affect a child both physically and emotionally.

The book launch was October 2014 and was quite a humbling experience. As I sat there about to read the book that I had spent nearly 2 years working on, my self-doubt crept in. I realised that this book was such an important tool for these kids and their families. Thankfully, the crowd embraced the story, as it resonated with them all. PHEW! I am very proud of this book and I am so pleased to have been part of this innovative project with Arthritis Victoria.


“The Worst Pain in the World is a heart-warming story with stunning illustrations. It sensitively deals with the difficult topic of pain, offering comfort and relief to many who suffer from this chronic syndrome. The story also serves to bring awareness and teach empathy to the wider community.”~ Kids Book Review

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You can purchase a copy of “The Worst Pain in the World” HERE

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