At the End of Holyrood Lane


Published: September 2018
Author: Dimity Powell
Illustrator: Nicky Johnston
Publisher:  EK Books $24.99
ISBN:  9781925335767
Format:     Hardcover 32pp
Ideal for:   4 – 8 yrs and lovers of picture books

Life at the end of Holyrood Lane is filled with sunshine and butterflies. Except when it storms.
Storms make Flick’s world dark, and make her feel smaller than she really is.
To escape their fury, Flick runs and hides. But the storms keep coming back.
It’s time for Flick to try something she has never done before, so she can banish fear and welcome back sunshine.


This clever duality of meaning is able to evoke a gentle awareness for young readers who may be suffering their own domestic torment but who are too scared or unsure of how to seek help and shelter from their own storms, whatever their nature.


Nicky has again teamed up with the author of The Fix-It Man, Dimity Powell to create this beautiful and important book.


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